Want To Attend A Beer Festival? Some Of The Best Places To Go


When you love beer and you really want to enjoy it in a fun and even cultural way, you can attend a beer festival. If you have never attended a beer festival, but want to, there are several places you can go to enjoy this tradition. Some of the best ones are as follows. Oktoberfest in Germany Germany is considered the birthplace of most beers. As such, Oktoberfest in Germany is a really big deal.

30 March 2017

Wine Time: Tasty Pairings for Your Favorite Handcrafted Wines


Planning to serve some wine tonight? It is easy to accidentally spoil the flavors of your favorite varietals and vintages with the wrong food pairings. Some tasty pairings for your favorite wines are: Crisp whites Crisp, dry white wines can easily be overpowered by the wrong snacks and food pairings. Delicately flavored foods like shellfish, mild cheeses, and chicken are excellent with a chardonnay, Riesling, or pinot grigio. Full-bodied reds

17 February 2017

Whisky 101: Learn How To Enjoy This Complex Beverage The Most


When most people think of fine drinks, they envision a tall glass of expensive wine or think of a bottle of champagne, but scotch whisky is often left in the dark. The fact is, whisky can definitely be deemed a fine alcoholic beverage. With a rich history, an array of types, and an interesting aging process, there is a lot to respect about this drink. To harness a greater appreciation for whisky, it is a good idea to get to know how it is best drunk and enjoyed.

24 January 2017