Wine Time: Tasty Pairings for Your Favorite Handcrafted Wines


Planning to serve some wine tonight? It is easy to accidentally spoil the flavors of your favorite varietals and vintages with the wrong food pairings. Some tasty pairings for your favorite wines are:

Crisp whites

Crisp, dry white wines can easily be overpowered by the wrong snacks and food pairings. Delicately flavored foods like shellfish, mild cheeses, and chicken are excellent with a chardonnay, Riesling, or pinot grigio.

Full-bodied reds

A full-bodied red wine needs strong flavored foods that can stand up to the deep, rich wine. That is why many spicy dishes and Italian cuisine are frequently paired with merlot, pinot noir, and burgundy wines. Beef and pork also pair well with a glass of red.

Light rose

When you drink rose, it is best to opt for foods that are somewhat lighter but that have a depth of flavor. For instance, tea sandwiches and French pastries are perfect with a cold glass of white zinfandel or rose. Also, try sweet cheeses like a wheel of brie baked with apricot jam in puff pastry, served with water crackers.

Complex Shiraz

Shiraz is complex and the flavor can easily be impacted by eating hot or spicy foods. You also don't want to eat anything too sweet with Shiraz to fully enjoy and appreciate the flavor of the wine. Try foods like cheese fondue with bread cubes or wonton soup with your glass of Shiraz.

Fruity sangria

Sweet and fruity sangria goes well with many different snacks and food items, such as rich, buttery pound cake, fresh fruit dishes, and breakfast foods, like eggs, waffles, and croissants. Serve your favorite sangria for brunch with pancakes and eggs benedict!

Sparkling wines

Enjoy sparkling wine with rich, fatty appetizers or foods; the carbonation helps to cut the fat, creating a perfect pairing. Whether you prefer champagne or a fruity Bellini, have a glass with pate, confit, or aged cheeses.

Sweet ports

A glass of sweet port wine is the perfect finish to a meal. This is rich and heavy, so it makes sense to pair it with light, slightly tangy dishes; a great dessert for port is to soak ladyfingers in fresh juice, layer with fruit and Greek yogurt, and allow to chill overnight.

Talk to your specialty grocer or sommelier to find the perfect wines for your palate and event, as well as the best foods to pair with popular handcrafted wines. Use these tips to come up with clever pairings to enhance your enjoyment, and to complement your favorite glass of wine. 


17 February 2017

Keep Your Home Bar Stocked Even if You Rarely Drink

My wife and I recently bought a new house in a new state, and it came with a large home bar in the basement. Being new to the neighborhood, we were excited when a nice neighbor decided to stop by one day for a drink... I was unprepared for his visit and only had a beer to give him. He casually mentioned he enjoyed scotch but that the beer would do for the moment. To his surprise, the next time he stopped by I had purchased a bottle of scotch to keep on hand just for his visits. He was grateful and we became great friends. I now keep a fully stocked bar and have a drink ready for anyone who swings by! I decided to start a blog to share what I have learned about cocktails and spirits.