Whisky 101: Learn How To Enjoy This Complex Beverage The Most


When most people think of fine drinks, they envision a tall glass of expensive wine or think of a bottle of champagne, but scotch whisky is often left in the dark. The fact is, whisky can definitely be deemed a fine alcoholic beverage. With a rich history, an array of types, and an interesting aging process, there is a lot to respect about this drink. To harness a greater appreciation for whisky, it is a good idea to get to know how it is best drunk and enjoyed. Take a look at these tips to help you get the most from your whisky-drinking experience. 

Make sure you're drinking the whisky from the right type of glass. 

Whisky is served up in all kinds of ways, from small, rounded scotch glasses to shot glasses, but it is rarely drunk from the appropriate container to ensure the best flavor experience. Glasses that have a narrower opening at the rim are far better for whisky drinking. These types of glasses, sometimes referred to as snifters, are designed to pull the aroma of a drink upward and to the nose. Part of the experience of drinking whisky comes from the variant aromatics released by each brand and type. So investing in glasses designed specifically for whisky drinking, such as Glencairn scotch whisky glasses, will help you enjoy this drink to the highest degree. Check out websites like scotchwhiskyglass.com to learn more.

Give the whisky a slight swirl before you take a sip. 

Whisky is left to age in barrels for months, or even years. Then, once it is bottled, it could also sit for long periods. Therefore, it is best to give whisky a gentle swirl in its glass before you drink it. Setting the whisky in motion reactivates all of those hidden ingredients and aromatics and reconstitutes the alcohol distribution throughout the liquid. Grab the glass, give the whisky a gently swirl in either direction, and then take a sip. 

Drink the whisky slowly and allow it to touch different parts of your tongue. 

Too often, whiskey drinkers ask for only shots of whisky and throw them back without slowing down enough to actually appreciate the fine collaboration of flavors in the drink. Doing this only allows you to feel whisky's telltale burn as it goes down your throat, but never allows you to fully experience the layers of flavor. Take a small sip of whatever whisky you are drinking, allowing the liquid to roll across your tongue and mouth on its way to be swallowed. You will notice a multi-faceted flavor, from smokey and earthy to even light and fruity. 


24 January 2017

Keep Your Home Bar Stocked Even if You Rarely Drink

My wife and I recently bought a new house in a new state, and it came with a large home bar in the basement. Being new to the neighborhood, we were excited when a nice neighbor decided to stop by one day for a drink... I was unprepared for his visit and only had a beer to give him. He casually mentioned he enjoyed scotch but that the beer would do for the moment. To his surprise, the next time he stopped by I had purchased a bottle of scotch to keep on hand just for his visits. He was grateful and we became great friends. I now keep a fully stocked bar and have a drink ready for anyone who swings by! I decided to start a blog to share what I have learned about cocktails and spirits.